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32mm 6X2 round GW to Kings of War Conversion (Large Infantry Legion) Movement Tray Kit

GWKOW-011 - Laser Shack
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A movement tray kit sized to fit twelve 32mm round bases in close ranks 3x1 models. Perfect for games like Kings of War, Warhammer Fantasy Battles or any other ordered unit miniatures wargame. The corners of this cheap movement tray also conveniently indicate the proper footporint size and the front, flank and rear facing arcs.

In Kings of War, this cheap movement tray is sized to fit a Large Infantry Legion.

Technical Specifications

  • Footprint Plate Dimensions: 235mm x 75mm x 3.6mm
  • Edging Piece Inner Dimension: 235mm x 75mm x 3.6mm
  • Edging Piece Outer Dimension: 240mm x 80mm x 3.6mm
  • Optional Base Plate Dimensions: 240mm x 80mm x 2mm

Tray Kit Features

Tray kits are provided with one or more "Footprint" plates and an "Edging" piece. The Footprint plates fit within the Edging piece and fits the footprint of your bases exactly. Please see the specification for this product listing to see the nominal sizes. Tray kits are provided unassembled, and will require wood / PVA / Cyano-acrylate (super) glue to assemble.